What It Takes to Stage a Grand Fashion Show in Dubai

You know, I had this friend growing up who was a stickler for details. You remember the type, don’t you? The one who painstakingly colored within the lines in every picture. The one who couldn’t sleep if a book was out of place on the shelf. Well, picture that friend and multiply his detail-oriented nature by a hundred. Now, you’ll get a faint idea of what it’s like organizing a grand fashion show in Dubai.

The city itself is a hub for the luxury market, with statistics saying around 30% of global luxury sales happen right here. Breathtaking, right? But have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of these flashy fashion events that make it all possible? Much like an iceberg, most of the action takes place beneath the surface. Let’s delve into it, shall we?

The Unseen Heroes

“You have to think of everything!” Jabir, a backstage manager at a prominent modeling agency in Dubai once told me. We were standing amidst a whirl of activities backstage at a high-profile fashion show. Makeup artists scrambling, designers nervously adjusting their masterpieces, models rehearsing their catwalk – it was a scene of organized chaos.

Indeed, much is required to craft the immaculate runway presentations that captivate audiences worldwide. A closer look into Dubai’s modeling industry reveals a vast network of professionals each playing a crucial role in delivering that perfect show. But there’s still more to the story…

The Casting: Finding the Perfect Faces

The journey begins long before the event itself, with the casting process. It’s nothing short of a quest, the search for those who can embody the artists’ visions for their fashion. These are not just models expected to walk down a runway. They are human canvasses who need to carry the weight of a designer’s dream on their shoulders.

“We could go through hundreds, if not thousands, of portfolios and conduct numerous auditions before settling on the line-up,” a casting director informed me during the interview about our Dubai modeling industry.

Costume and Set Design:

Next come the designers with their flurry of fabrics and frenzy of ideas. Their brainchild constructs set the mood and theme of the shows. Every color, every cut, every stitch speaks. It’s their language of telling stories. The set designers, too, put in an enormous amount of creativity, deciding on just the right backdrop that complements the couture. It’s a marriage of visions, draped in resplendence.

The Day of the Show

And then there’s the ‘D’ day. The culmination of months of toil – the grand fashion show. Event organizers, stage directors, lighting and sound crews, all hustling to ensure every detail matches the blueprint they envisioned months ago.

“It’s like conducting an orchestra. Everyone has their part to play, and they must do it just right for the show to hit the perfect note,”, describes a seasoned event director in the industry.

Behind the glitz and glamour that the audience admires, there’s a level of practice and precision that’s almost intimidating. Each model’s stride, every pose struck, the timing of lights and music – everything’s rehearsed to the last detail. One misstep and the magic dissipates.


So there you have it, the unseen, unspoken journey of what it’s like to stage a grand fashion show in Dubai. All the careful choreography behind the dazzling garments and radiant spotlights. Is it worth all that effort, you ask? Well, seeing the masterpieces come to life, the way the audience gets drawn into the allure – I’d say, absolutely yes.

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