Cookie Policy

Welcome to the Cookie Guidelines for Upholding our dedication to clarity and prioritizing user satisfaction, this page elucidates our stance and methods involving cookies and similar digital tools. By navigating our platform, you’re consenting to the application of cookies as per the guidelines outlined here.

What Exactly Are Cookies?
Cookies refer to tiny data files saved on a user’s device. Their main function is to retain specific data about a particular user and website, thereby facilitating web platforms to offer a bespoke user experience.

What’s the Purpose of Cookies on Our Site?
Our reasons for employing cookies are as follows:

  1. Fundamental Cookies: Indispensable for our website’s seamless operation. They, for instance, aid in user validation and thwart any unauthorized account activities.
  2. Utility Cookies: These take note of user preferences and render augmented, personalized features. For instance, they can recall adjustments you’ve implemented like font styles, text dimensions, or any other modifiable site elements.
  3. Analytics & Performance Cookies: These are pivotal in identifying and tallying our site visitors, enabling us to comprehend their navigational patterns on our platform. This insight is paramount for refining the site’s structure and guaranteeing efficient user navigation.

How to Deactivate Cookies?
It’s feasible to halt cookies by fine-tuning your browser preferences. Nonetheless, be aware that constraining cookies can impede our website’s functionalities, as well as numerous other sites you frequent. Thus, it’s usually not advisable to inhibit cookies.

Our Cookie Practices

  • Registration-related cookies: If you’re registered with us, cookies are pivotal for the orchestration of the registration procedure and overarching management.
  • Sign-in related cookies: These are utilized post-login, ensuring the system recalls your logged-in status, eliminating the need to re-login with every new page.
  • Submission-related cookies: Whenever you input details via a form, cookies might be initialized to recall user particulars for upcoming interactions.

Cookies from External Sources
Occasionally, we lean on reliable third-party cookies. For instance, we incorporate Google Analytics, a renowned and reliable web analytics service, to fathom user engagement on our site, thereby enhancing your navigational experience.

Further Details
For an in-depth understanding of cookies, peruse Should any queries or additional clarifications be required, feel free to reach out at