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Immerse yourself into the realm of fashion and style with VIP Model Dubai. Our models don't just inspire and captivate with their allure and professionalism, they also offer premier companionship services.

Opportunity of a Lifetime

Start Your Modeling Career in Dubai

Ever dreamed of dazzling on the runway or gracing the covers of leading fashion magazines? In the heart of Dubai, our agency represents your gateway to turning dreams into reality. Not only do we provide expert guidance, training, and promotion opportunities in the fashion industry, but we also offer unique companionship services for various occasions.

Talent That Will Amaze You

Select Your Perfect Model

Dive into Our Model Directory

Delve into our catalogue showcasing vibrant and gifted models ready to bring your creative concepts to life. From print to runway — your quest begins here. Moreover, our models are available for companionship services, providing unparalleled charisma and companionship at any event.

Bespoke Model Request

If you haven’t found the perfect match or have specific, nuanced requirements for your project, don’t hesitate to complete our model request form. We are dedicated to understanding your vision, and with our vast array of talent, we’ll ensure you are paired with the model that aligns seamlessly with your unique project demands and aspirations.

Require an Exquisite Photoshoot in Dubai?

Eternalize Your Moments!

Whether you desire the meticulous atmosphere of a studio or the dynamic sceneries of Dubai, we meet all your photography needs. Our seasoned crew guarantees each photo mirrors your concept flawlessly.

Quality & Value


Trial Photoshoot


  • 1 Hour
  • 5 to 10 photos
  •  publication on our website



1000 AED

  • 1 hour
  • 10 retouched photos
  • 100 unretouched photos



1200 AED

  • 1 hour
  • High professionalism
  • Varied choice


What People Say


Working with VIP Model Dubai has been a splendid journey of fashion and elegance. Their models not only embody exquisite beauty but also offer an engaging presence, making them ideal companions for events. The agency showcases a diverse range of talented individuals who blend professionalism with undeniable charm, creating a seamless experience for clients and collaborators alike.

Aria Mitchell, Fashion Journalist

Organizing an event in the dazzling city of Dubai requires a unique set of skills and resources. VIP Model Dubai has been an invaluable partner, providing models who are not only visually stunning but also gracious companions. They play their roles with finesse, ensuring that guests are enchanted and events are unforgettable.

Carlos Rodriguez, Event Planner

VIP Model Dubai has been a crucial ally for brand promotions. The models provided by the agency are not just faces; they are ambassadors of elegance and style, adept at offering companionship that enhances the brand’s image at events. Each model we’ve collaborated with has been a perfect embodiment of sophistication, making our campaigns striking and successful.

Sophie Chen, Brand Consultant

Photographing the models from VIP Model Dubai is always a delightful and smooth experience. Each model possesses a distinct allure, complemented by their professionalism and ability to offer companionship services for various occasions. Their poised and engaging presence makes every photoshoot unique, capturing the essence of Dubai’s vibrant and luxurious lifestyle.

Ethan Moore, Photographer

Designing fashion that speaks volumes requires muses who do the same. The models at VIP Model Dubai are more than just hangers for apparel; they breathe life into the fabric with their elegance and engaging companionship. Working with them has been inspiring, as they bring both beauty and character to the table, enhancing the visual appeal of my designs.

Isabella Johnson, Fashion Designer

Attending social gatherings and business events in Dubai’s dynamic environment becomes a delightful experience with companions from VIP Model Dubai. Their models exude confidence and charm, providing delightful company that never fails to impress. Whether it’s their captivating looks or the elegance with which they carry themselves, these models are the epitome of style and grace.

Omar Al-Sultan, Businessman

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