A Day in the Shoes of a Dubai Fashion Show Producer

‘Breathe in, breathe out,’ I whisper to myself, amidst the chaos that underlines the seemingly glamorous Dubai modeling industry. But chaos is a mandatory recipe in this flavorful world of fashion; a consistent undercurrent that threads every runway and fashion show together. Yet, you might wonder, what goes on behind these glitzy stages?

The ‘Cocktail Party Effect’ states that you’re likely to hear someone say your name, even in a crowded room. Swap the name with a model’s walk, silhouette, or charisma that speaks to me, and you’ve unraveled the first secret of being a fashion show producer. As much as it’s about the glitz and glamour, it’s also about that inherent understanding of what fits and what doesn’t.

I’m standing on the brink of the latest fashion event in Dubai, clipboard in hand, seeing my thousand retakes come live on the stage. With a meticulous eye, I scan every model, every ensemble; everything must be as close to perfect as possible. More than anyone, I know that in the Dubai modeling industry, doors of growth swing open not just for the perfect, but also for the unique, the trailblazers.

The Carpenter Behind the Glamour

The intricate waltz backstage usually goes unnoticed; it’s a silent orchestra playing the symphony that paints the stage’s grandeur. As a fashion show producer, my role is akin to a meticulous carpenter, sculpting and designing the spectacle from behind the curtain. Quoting Leonardo da Vinci, ‘Details make perfection, and perfection is not detail.’

Every thread and bead that embroiders a couturier’s imagination into reality speaks volumes about their craftsmanship, and I am their storyteller. The power of envisioning their creative process and transferring it onto a ramp is an emotion that cannot be boxed into mere words. For me, it is an art in itself.

On one end, I am the mediator of creativity: designers, stylists, makeup artists, all contribute to the spectacle; their work lands on my shoulders to be perfectly orchestrated. Simultaneously, I am the ruthless time-keeper, as I incessantly check my watch and try to fit the infinite artistry into a finite timeline. In the end, it’s all about creating and managing equipoise – screening and brainstorming eco-friendly materials for sets, grappling with scheduling, scrutinizing budget constraints, and storing some sweat for the fashion show day.

Perfection Under Pressure

Every minute counts down to D-day, increasing the stakes and tension. When the day finally arrives, what comes over me is a tsunami of emotions: anticipation, excitement, and fear. This is the moment when every second under the spotlight is a battle against time, necessitating precision and agility in every move I make.

I hold my breath as the lights dim and the first model strides onto the ramp. The world narrows down to the walk, the music, and the rapt audience. It’s a symphony of high heels clacking, camera shutters clicking, and audiences whispering; but, above all these, the sound of my heartbeat. Silently I glide, directing, correcting, and soothing; I am the unseen force that keeps the show going.

When the final model leaves the stage, I allow myself a moment of release. No one sees the countless nights sacrificed to refine every moment of the last few hours. In the spotlight now are the models, dressed in breathtaking outfits; behind them, the designers basking in their glory. As for me, I disappear into the shadows only to reappear for the upcoming show, because the truth is: the grandeur of a Dubai fashion show is like a perfectly cut diamond. And I, the fashion show producer, am the unseen craftsman chipping away behind the scenes to ensure that every facet gleams perfectly.

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